Hotel Alloggi Agli Artisti*** is the ideal place for your holidays in Venice,  thanks to its perfect position first, as it lies just a couple of steps far from the Grand Canal and Venice main Trainstation (S.Lucia).
Inside it, you can discover how classic elements and modern features have been put together, it seems as you could see Marco Polo following the “silk route” and finding out precious curtains and refined drapes, and after that looking at an old fashioned Venice seen in modern key.

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What’s better after a long day, than taking a hot shower just immediately before falling asleep over your bed, dreaming once again all the incrdible jewels Venice jelously keeps and offers to you day after day as a magic unique gift?

What’s new?

Starting from the beginning of November 2010, Hotel Alloggi Agli Artisti (or simply Hotel Agli Artisti) has become a 3 star rated hotel!