7 December 2010

Arte Art Prize: contemporary art in Venice

Art Prize Laguna 2011This yeat 2011 it will be possible to visit the fifth edition of the “Art Prize Laguna”, where a nice selection of more than 200 work of young contemporary artists can give you a good point of view over the current status of art. These 200 works indeed are just the first 200 in the rank after the judgement of the art prize commission.

Where: both at Arsenale and Correr Museum

More infos: http://www.premioartelaguna.it

25 November 2010

Mapping the Studio Artists from Pinault collection

François Pinault Mapping the Studio

François Pinault Mapping the Studio

Every day, from 10.00 to 19.00, it is possible to visit the so called “Punta della Dogana” again, one of Venice symbols for centuiries, after more than 30 years of refurbishment made by the French magnate François Pinault. Once entered the building, you could admire many amazing works belonging to some of the most important contemporary artists as Jeff Koons, Sigmar Polke, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Cy Twombly, Takashi Murakami, Jake & Dinos Chapman; moreover, the exposition has the purpose of making you know works of new emerging young talents as well. The collection has been divided between Punta della Dogana and the famous Palazzo Grassi.

Costs: 20.00 euro (15.00 reduced), ticket gives you access to both the two palaces

20 January 2010

Renzo Piano inaugurates Vedova’s foundation in Venice

Renzo Piano and fondazione vedova veniceRenzo Piano inaugurates Vedova’s foundation at “Magazzini del Sale delle Zattere” in Venice, and its objective is to focus over main themes of Piano’s works: history, space, time, painting.

Timetable: everyday from 11.30 to 16.00 (close on Monday)

Info: info@fondazionevedova.org or +39 041 5226626

20 January 2010

Laurent Royer in Venice

In Saint Giorgio Maggiore you can now see some of Laurent Royer’s production (c/o Cini’s foundation), which has been donated to the foundation from young artist’s family after is death when he only was 26 years old.

Info: +39 041 2710402

Timetables: all days from 9.00 to 16.30; saturdays and sundays from 10.00 to 16.00

Laurent Royer in Venice

18 January 2010

Venice Guggenheim becomes 30 years old

Peggy Guggenheim collection VeniceIn 2010 Peggy Guggenheim collection celebrates its 30th birthday, at its historical site of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni: there’re been scheduled many interesting events and promotions all over this 2010, in order to celebrate this unique woman who first open her own house every summer to those who were modern art lovers as she was.

When? Every day, from 10.00 to 18.00 (except on December 25th)

info: info@guggenheim-venice.it

18 January 2010

Redentore 2010 in Venice

Redentore fest in Venice 2010Once again, Venice becomes an amazing show of fires and colours in this never ending night, the so called “Redentore” night, which falls this year on July the the 17th. It’s a tribute to Christ, who was able to make the pest end so many years ago. For Venecian people and for tourist it’s now a good opportunity for eating alltogether in big ships and assit at this immpressive pirotechnical show.

18 January 2010

Ascension 2010 in Venice

Ascension 2010 in VeniceThe Ascension day in Venice is called “Sensa” and represents the recall of once happened once when the Serenissima republic was a strenght all over the mediterran sea: it reminds on one side when our venecian ships saved dalmatian populations (led by Doge Pietro Orseolo) from Slavonian people, and from the other the so called “wedding with the sea”, which consists in the throw of the dogal ring towards the seas itself. Nowaday, the event is a serie of competitions all over the grand canal.

18 January 2010

19th century unknown venecian paintings

An amazing exposition of paintings of venecian painters upcoming from the 19th century takes place at Museo Correr, from Caffi to Guardi, Pividor, Moro and Bosa: it’s underlined a particular Venice portraits, decadent from one side, shining from the other one

Timetables: from 10.00 to 17.00 every day

Info: info@fmcvenezia.it

Unknown pictures of 800 in Venice